Real Talk: The Reality Of Blogging

    July 24, 2017

    OH HEY REMEMBER ME?! Or is the page now redirecting to a random page? JK, I still have my domain and site. Still here.

    But like, not really?

    A week ago, I was thinking about how I felt when I first launched JFERMIMI. The excitement, vulnerability, and feedback. The fun events I’ve attended, the girls and guys I’ve met, and the connections I made. It was another kind of high (but mostly the only high I like to experience). Now I look at where I am today. I haven’t posted on the blog since April, when I had my Euro-trip. And for a hot second (or like, a month, TBH), I felt like I failed.

    The truth is, blogging is not easy. Actually it’s a lot of work. If it ever looked easy to you, it’s because that blogger is really good at their craft and building their brand.

    After going back and forth on whether I should renew my hosting (website stuff), I came to a realization that I haven’t failed at being a blogger but that life just gets the best of you sometimes, you feel me?

    photos by Laure Rae Photography for The Glow Lounge. If you haven’t gotten a spray tan from them, YOU’RE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT. Read about my experience here.

    It really did get the best of me. After coming home from an AMAZING trip from Europe, life came at me HARD. I’m talking engaged to my best friend, living out of boxes at my parents, moving to a new apartment,  a sad attempt at wedding planning, and a promotion at my 9-5. LIKE FUCK. Life is so good and I had to take a second to enjoy everything around and worry less about the blog.Now, I feel like I’m in a place where I can be back. Where I have things to share and the time (kinda!) to commit. READ MORE…

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