Bridesmaids Proposals | Gifts they’ll actually want

    October 25, 2017
    DIY bridesmaids proposal

    Hi frieeeends!

    I’ve had a crazy week. It was my birthday week and naturally I had engagement pictures, a work conference, a job interview, accepted a job offer, quit my job, went out to dinner, and of course, celebrated my birthday. More on how I feel about 27 later but I MEAN C’MON LIFE. Anyways, all good.

    I also sent out all of my bridesmaids proposals. Yes, I guess this is a thing? Shipped three packages, gifted 3 in person.

    Although it’s totally optional, it’s just a formal way of asking your gal-pals and or family to be in your wedding party in exchange for helping with the wedding, and of course, the people you want to be closest to you when you say I do.

    If that means 3 ladies (or dudes?) or 12 (but side note, I don’t even know have that many close friends), choose people that have had a major impact on who you are as a person and support your relationship. People you love and like, want to spend money on to make your day special. Yeah, picking your bridal party will also affect your budget cause the more people, the more $$$ you spend on gifts, hair, makeup, transportation, tans, etc!

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

    So, I’ve spend the past few weeks STRESSING and GOOGLING and PINTERESTING the right gifts for my party. At first I wanted to buy them in bulk, from a place like Minny and Paul but didn’t love everything in the boxes, and then I searched Etsy all for things and realized shipping sucks.

    I also really wanted to make sure the gifts weren’t shoved in the corner and were things the girls would actually like. You know those gifts from parties, like mini-puzzles or a monogram pocket mirror, where you’ll keep in on a shelf forever and never use after? I wanted to avoid that.

    bridesmaids cards
    bridesmaids proposals - enter your message + put over a gold scratch sticker = DIY personalized scratch card!

    enter your message + put over a gold scratch sticker = DIY personalized scratch card!

    After giving up on trying to sign up for random newsletters to get deals online and adding a ton of random shit to a 5 shoppings carts, I finally gave up and did what felt natural for me – Go to the mall and buy shit I secretly want and gift it to the girls. For me, it was important that my party got things they would like and USE or KEEP. DIY to me is go buy the cute shit and put it in a box with a box. READ MORE…

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