Coffee Talk – Euro Trip 2017

March 20, 2017


I hope you guys had a great weekend.

Mine included friends, a few too many drinks, minor drunk cry (sorry, Bill), and more importantly, planning a trip to Europe in a few weeks!!!

So for Christmas, my brother and I bought my parents tickets to do a family vacation in Europe. You might be thinking holy sh$t, what?! But our plane tickets were a steal at $400 apiece round trip. For flight alerts, I’ve subscribed to Scott’s Cheap Flights, and his job is to literally scour the internet for … cheap flights, DUH! If you’re thinking you want to travel internationally, I’d recommend signing up. I have the paid subscription so I get flight alerts every week to countries all over the world awesome prices. Sadly, a little part of me dies when I see a flight I can’t book because I remember I’m not rolling in dough.

ANYWAYS, we hadn’t had a family vacation in years and if we did, it consisted of the Wisconsin Dells or Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, great memories at the hotel pools, but it’s what my parents could afford. Looking back, I never wished for anything extravagant, because I knew it was what my parents could manage and we always had a great time.



So flash forward to Christmas, we kinda surprised my parents with round trip tickets to Paris. You can’t really secretly plan a trip without coordinating PTO (ugh, adult life).

I’m SO SO SOOOOO EXCITED to go because a. my parents or brother have never been to Europe and b. because we haven’t had a family vaca in YEARS.

Planning has been a bit stressful due to the fact that I’m a procrastinator and I’m the only one that has been to Europe so the planning naturally fell on my shoulders. Lots of “what countries do you want to visit”, “planes, trains, or automobiles”, and “what is there to see and do” and “how do we make the most of our money” questions BUT nevertheless, we’ve narrowed down our trip.

We will be in Paris for a few days, heading to Nice aka the French Riviera, and London. During my time studying abroad, I’d visited these places but I’d imagine going with your family is going to be a bit different, if you know what I mean (no 4 am nights).

Of course, we’ll do some touristy stuff but if you have any recommendations on things to see, do, and eat, share them in the comments or let me know on my new Facebook page 🙂

cash me in Europe,


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