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October 3, 2017

Can we just talk about why Fall is literally the best season of the year? Yeah, it’s basic as hell, but who doesn’t love a nice warm latte in the cool morning and chili and eating your way through winter but like, hiding under a giant sweater. SIGN ME UP.

Speaking of chili, I made this white chicken chili last night and now I’m good for the week. Adulting so hard. Productive Af.

Anyways, HI, HELLO, FALL OUTFITS. Nothing beats anything knitted and cozy. It’s beanie season and even if it looks like a giant sock on my head, I’m going to rock the shit out of it.

My dear college friend, Danielle Goetzke, is adulting so hard and decided to learn how to knit. Nothing screams mid-twenties like staying in on a Friday night, watching re-runs of Real Housewives, while knitting and drinking tea. Or is that just us?

So, she started knitting cute things, like these beanies or the blanket in the photo below, and they are seriously the best for fall or winter.  Their thick AF and keep you warm and snuggly all day long. We were actually sweating our asses off shooting this in 65 degree weather. Come at us, below 0 temps, I’m ready for you.

If you’re here for supporting local businesses AND things that don’t like super DIY (you know what I mean, like the crafty things your grandma makes), check out her stuff out – it’s to die for. She even knits baby/kids beanies that are tiny and adorable and make you wish you had a baby to gift it to.

shop my look: 

In the meantime, Bill and I have been productive planning our wedding and meal planning. I’m thinking I’ll start to blog those things because it’s a shit-show trying to figure out and I guess I could help a slightly confused soul.

until next time,


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