Glowing for the Holidays

December 21, 2016

{dress (sold out but similar styles here, here, and here, shoes (old but love these and these, earrings}

As much as we all love the white snow, can we all agree that winter SUCKS when it comes to maintaining your beauty regime? Pile this on top of the holiday parties and NYE, and it can be a chore to look decent when your hair is dry and you blend in with the snow.

I’m not gonna lie – being Asian does NOT mean that I’m tan all year round. In the summer, I might look like a different race (lolz) but just like your summer tan fades, so does mine.

Enter – spray tans. I’m not talking your typical mystic tan when you walk in and a machine attempts to spray you. That’s how you end up with white armpits.

Custom spray tans are the thing to do if you need a nice glow in the dead of winter. Not only is it safer (**AHEM start preventing wrinkles now), but the color is made just for you so you can avoid being streaky orange.

So with a formal holiday party coming up and a slinky dress to wear, I decided to give it a try and tell you ALL the details. Shoutout to The Glow Lounge.


Get your waxing and shaving out of the way. Unless you want your eyebrows to be “highlighted” by stripping your fresh tan right off!

Mani and pedi done at LEAST a day in advance. The oils can be a barrier for the tan so don’t expect to get them done after your tan! This is something I didn’t even think of so I frantically went to the salon the night before to get a mani/pedi. Make sure they scrub the shit out of your feet too.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Light some candles, turn on some tunes (The Weeknd’s new album is AMAZING ; listen below), and spend some time in the shower. Shave your hairs and then use a body brush to exfoliate all the dry skins right off your bod. I recommend doing this routine a few times before your appointment to really make sure your skin is baby soft and ready for the tan.


Makeup-less spray tan outfit : Sweater (Nordstrom’s last year, similar here), Gap Joggers


The  day of your spray tan, make sure you have a FRESH shower but DO NOT use any products. Any of the soaps and product might make it harder for the tan to absorb. I showered in the AM and then worked from home so I didn’t have to put any makeup or product on.

Wear loose clothes. I opted in for these cute joggers and a loose turtleneck. The color will rub off a little after so make sure you aren’t wearing your favorite white sweater or anything like that 🙂

Make sure you don’t have anything crazy to do after you’re tan. I literally blobbed at home for the rest of my Friday night.

The tan itself will continue to develop over the next few days, so keep that in mind when you’re planning for an event.

Purchase a shower gel and moisturizer to use after to extend the length of your tan. I used this and this.



When you get to the salon, you’ll talk about the color of the tan you’d like to have. No major color scales or anything like that. Not like a mystic, where your options are tan, tanner, and tannest. I simply said “I want a noticeable glow but not like I just came back from Mexico” and they blend the color right up! Feel free to elaborate if you feel the need.

From there, you strip down. Just like getting a bikini wax, the specialist has seen it all so don’t be shy! Wear what makes you comfortable and don’t feel like you need to suck it in at all. Personally, I went topless and wore the disposable thong they offered ’cause I have no shame.

The process all in all took about 10 minutes. So easy! Plus the spray was heated and smelled like coconut lime.  Despite the 6 inches of snow coming down outside, I was transported into a very tropical setting which was SO fitting for the glow I got.

The tan was the perfect accessory for my slinky, green velvet dress for a holiday party. Shout out to the Glow Lounge in Edina for helping a sista out this winter! I will be back when I blend in with the snow again.



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