Sparkling Water – Drink More Water and Actually Like It

April 5, 2017

Don’t you hate how hard being healthy can be sometimes? Like what, I need to lift weights, wake up early, eat kale, drink a gallon of water, not wash my hair but also be super sweaty after a workout, eat this not that, and the list goes on…

For anyone that says being healthy is EASY, it’s not.  Because first of all most things in life are not easy but also because you want to be skinny but you also want to eat tacos and go to happy hour.

Being healthy takes baby steps – take one thing, commit until it becomes the norm for you.

So that leads to my next point, which is to drink more water.

I use to suck at drinking water because I am super picky about my water. YES – it does have a taste. It HAS to be ice cold cause lukewarm water is gross. My family always grew up on filtered water so when I went to college and saw people drinking out of the faucet, I was highly confused. The only water I drank was from a Culligan or bottled.

* not saying this because I am trying to come off as spoiled, but because that’s how I grew up drinking water and drinking from the faucet never crossed my mind. 

** when I did drink faucet water, I swear there was a slight metal taste and nowhere near to being ice cold. This probably contributed to why I hated drinking water.

*** If you like drinking water, good for you. But please, read on for the good shit.

Today, I am still super picky about my water but one thing that has helped  – sparkling water.

… BASIC AF. I KNOW. But I’m drinking a shit ton of water now which has helped me:

a. DEBLOAT – Yes, drinking more means peeing more and flushing out the body of H20 it doesn’t need. Your body knows when you’re hydrated and will in turn flush out anything you don’t need. Plus more pee breaks at work means less working (half kidding).

b.  Save Cals – Hunger can be disguised by thirst so instead of grabbing a snack, I grab a water or tea, and most of the time my cravings are gone. Unless I’m actually hungry.

c. Stop drinking pop/soda/whatever you call artificially flavored carbonated drinks with lots of calories: I learned that what I love most about pop was the bubbles. Instead of a vodka sprite, I opt in for a vodka soda with lemon and lime (my drink of choice). I rarely crave any pop and that’s a win.

I’m not going to rant on about the benefits of drinking more water because there are PLENTY of articles out there and I am also not a verified nutritionist, BUT I KNOW drinking more water is good for you. So I do it with water I like.

What if you don’t like sparkling water? Well, then you don’t exist to me. JK….

Sparkling water is definitely an acquired taste… It’s like hating beer freshman year and then drinking tons of it senior. You just need to find the kind that is right for you.

  • DO try different flavors. Lime is not my jam but lemon and strawberry lemonade are always stocked in my fridge.
  • Infuse fresh fruit and herbs to make your own concoction. Sometimes there isn’t as much flavor (if you’re coming off from soda) so throw a squeeze of lemon juice and muddled pomegranate seeds or lime and fresh mint. Make it your drink for the night and add vodka.
  • READ THE LABELS. Watch out for added sugars (San Pelligrino Blood Orange, I’m talking about you) and sodium (Dasani!!). It is water with bubbles so it shouldn’t have those icky things.

Drinking water shouldn’t be that hard but for us picky girls, sometimes it is. Find your fix. Stay hydrated. Drink a shit ton of sparkling water (yes, it does count as water).



Photos courtesy of Paul Weaver for Klarbrunn

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