Eyelash Extensions 101 & Why I’m Obsessed

January 27, 2017

“The eyes are the nipple of the face.” Ana Farris via The House Bunny.

Yes – I did just quote that movie. Because it’s 100 percent true and 100 percent stupid funny.

Mascara is one of the things I can never leave the house without. As an Asian, my eyelashes are pin-straight, making it look like I am eyelash-less. After many teenage years of experimenting with mascara, eyelash strips, and eyelash curlers, I finally nailed down a solid routine.

1. Heat eyelash curler with hairdryer OR buy a heated eyelash curler (the heat allows the curl to really hold)

2. Prime eyelashes with a primer mascara. (this is my favorite duo for cheap!)

3. Apply a shit ton of WATERPROOF mascara. (Normal mascara just makes my eyelashes droopy, which defeats the purpose of step 1)

I went through a lot of limp eyelashes, close to burnt eyelids, and lots of mascara, and even more mascara remover. This shit is life-changing.

Then I wondered about Latisse. But as any poor millennial, I did not have $200 to shell out on bottle of 1 oz of liquid and the patience to see if it works. So I tried this cheaper formula based on its reviews on Amazon and saw slower results. My eyelashes grew but like, not anything life-changing. Plus I was still taking the 15 minutes to heat, prime, and apply mascara everyday.

So back to square one. After doing tons of research on Amazon, Groupon, and Google, I took the leap to trying out eyelash extensions and I AM NEVER GOING BACK. Ok, fine. Never is a strong word but like, as long as my wallet can afford it.

Amazing Lash Studio in Maple Grove, MN


So here’s the lowdown on eyelash extensions. The eye-extension gods literally sit there and glue eyelashes INDIVIDUALLY to your eye. None of this strip bullshit. ONE BY ONE, EYELASH BY EYELASH, hundreds of either synthetic or mink eyelashes applied to your pretty, stubby eyelashes.

Deciding on a style.

Eyelashes are not a one-size-fits-all kinda deal. This is as manual as manual labor gets and to avoid the shock of not getting what you signed up for, do some research on what your ideal lashes would look like. There are typically three types – synthetic, mink, and silk. For your first set, I’d recommend keeping it synthetic unless you’re into that bougie shit or your eyes are super sensitive.

Determine your length and curl. So you want them to be natural or full? How long do you want them? The styles I’ve commonly seen are natural, which are similar to your natural lashes (fucking duh) but just a bit longer. Then there’s cute, which makes your eyes look bigger because they apply longer lashes in the center of your eye and shorter lashes on the ends. Then there’s like, LOOK AT YOU GLEN-COCO with a more glamorous cat-eye look, where they will fill the outer corner of eyes with longer lashes.

You’ll want to think about how curled you want the lashes. Remember, you won’t be using an eyelash curler (a true blessing).  The curl is typically on a based on a range using these letters:  J – subtle  B – lash lift  C – strong  D – dramatic  L – vertical lift.

You don’t have to know the specific length but have an idea of how full and long you want them. Your eyelash pro will provide recommendations on length and fill from there, based on the length and strength of your natural lashes. For reference, my lashes are “cute” styled, with longer lashes in the middle, a D curl with a mixture of lengths, the longest being 15 mm. 

Makeupless and in need of a brow wax


Once you have Googled all the different salons in your area and Instagram crept on all the pros and their clients, make an appointment. Plan your schedule ahead. THIS IS A TIME INVESTMENT. These betches are literally gluing tiny eyelashes to your lashes – this is the epitome of MANUAL LABOR. The first time you go in for a full set can be at LEAST one hour, if not two. Don’t make the mistake I did and drink a Grande Vanilla Latte before because you will feel jittery as fuck while you concentrate harder than any exam of your life on not opening your eyelids for 2 hours. Literally. Two. Hours.

Love them and take care of them.

Once you are done with the process and gawking on how much prettier you look without any mascara, make sure you don’t sweat or wet your lashes for 24-48 hours. Sleep on your back. Wake up and realize you don’t have to worry about putting on mascara*. Comb them to keep those suckers in place.

*If you do end up putting on mascara, which I do for special days like Friday, make sure you use non-oil based mascara or products. Buy Micellar water for easy makeup removal.

Shop these products below

Your eyelashes will last somewhere between 2-5 weeks, depending on when your natural lashes shed (lol, ew). Then go in and get a fill. Fills should only last about 1 hour and they do exactly what it sounds like – fill your empty lashes with new ones. Fills will range from 50-90 dollars. If you don’t like the place where you initially got them, do make sure the new studio will fill other studios’ work or you may end up buying a new set.

You guys, I’m about a month and a half into my first set and first fill and I don’t know if I can stop! I love waking up, looking hot AF, and cutting down on the time it takes to get ready in the AM.

I know it’s a HUGE $$$$ and time commitment, so if you ever want my two cents or recommendations, just comment on the post below. I promise I won’t ghost your questions, unless they are really stupid 😉 JK!

BTW: I got my lashes done at Amazing Lash Studio in Maple Grove.

Stay pretty,


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  • Carrie Brugger

    Do the lashes come off on their own or do you have to have them removed by a professional? Are your existing lashes more sparse once you have the lashes taken off?

    February 19, 2017 at 1:13 pm Reply
    • Jennifer

      Hiii! The lashes are glued to your natural lashes so they will come off when your natural lashes shed (typically about 2 weeks). You can have them removed professionally, where they dissolve the glue on your lashes. The lashes aren’t more sparse but they might feel like it because of how full your extensions make them feel (they glue on 2-3 lashes onto every single natural lash)!!

      February 21, 2017 at 5:17 pm Reply

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