#FlannelFriday – Holiday Party Edition

December 14, 2016


December for me means balancing nights in hibernating and keeping up with all the different themed holiday parties. Lucky for me, they weren’t ALL ugly sweater themed because God knows I can only muster up one or two decent sweaters before I have to start digging in the bins at Savers (no offense to those that get their ugly sweaters or normal clothes there).

The first party of the season was Bill’s work party – flannel theme in a giant barn. How fitting, right?! The venue was at the Green Acres Barn in the burbs and it was GORGEOUS. Super rustic, with chandeliers everywhere and even a DIY s’mores bar by the fire. The only negative I have to comment on is that my iPhone 7 would only pick up yellow tones because of all of the barn wood, but hey; you pick your battles.

Let’s talk  flannels. I might be the ONLY person in the world, but flannel is not my thing. I feel too stuffy in a button-up shirt, even if it is a flannel. I just look like a teacher, maybe? Who knows.. but again it’s a personal thing because lots of girls and guys look hot in flannels.  I wish I could pull off a standard flannel, all buttoned up and very J.Crew-like, but the only time you’ll really see me in one is if it’s unbuttoned with a cute tank underneath or tied around my waist. Instead, I just opt-in to pieces that have the flannel material or pattern. Lucky for me, I laid my pretty eyes on this wrap flannel which I INSTANTLY fell in love with. Naturally, I bought two.

Shop my favorite flannel-like things below 🙂

So there’s my first holiday party recap. One of five – I’m gonna chalk this one up as a win even though the hangover was pretty nasty.  Too old to drink at an open bar like it’s college. More themed parties to come.

What are your favorite holiday themed parties? Or are you sticking to a strict hibernation schedule this winter?


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