spring staples: cool watches + JORD giveaway

May 19, 2017
JORD watches

{{ outfit details: JORD watch, Gap t-shirt dress (so comfy), Converse sneakers }}

Oh hey, me again.

I’ve been sooo busy with recent collabs slash life in general and so excited to bring you new stufffff. Literally GIVE YOU STUFF. Like this money towards a bomb-ass watch. Wait for it…

spring staples: jord watch, t-shirt dress, converse

Spring is a tricky betch. Like are you sunny and pretty, or are you rainy? What about chilly? OR HELL EVEN A COMBO OF ALL OF THE CONDITIONS IN ONE GIVEN DAY (aka spring in the midwest). Getting dressed is already hard enough so find spring staples that you can LAYER. My spring staples are a good t-shirt dress, jean jacket (because my body cannot figure out if it’s sweaty AF or chilly), and a watch. Normally I wear my Apple watch but like, it’s good to change it up. Plus, it dies if I don’t charge it overnight.

Enter: Jord Watches

Their watches are perfect for everyday wear because they’re classic and aren’t super flashy. The real wood brings a lot of character to an outfit and it isn’t a super overpowering accessory. I got this one because I love the color of the wood and neutral face color. This one is great because it’s unisex, as I casually found out from my DAD wearing it. You gotta love dads. But of course, they have women-specific watches, like this one or this one.

So here are the giveaway details:

Go to https://www.woodwatches.com/g/jfermimi

Enter your name and details.

Pick the watch you want – YES, YOU GET TO PICK!

Wait. Contest ends May 28th. I hate when I enter a contest and have to wait 3 months to know if I won. Like no, I need to know ASAP. So you only have to wait a week to find out, friends.

Winner will receive a $100 e-gift card towards a watch of their choice.

And guess what? THERE ARE NO LOSERS IN THIS GAME! For entering, you will get $25 off your purchase so cheers to not paying full price.

If you’re running out of ideas for Father’s Day, I recommend this one and this one. These are my dad’s favorites and you can’t really complain about the price. Or if you’re a selfish betch (me most of the time when it comes to shopping) get one for yourself. Or a friend.

GOOD LUCK and have a fantastic weekend. This weekend is Bill’s birthday (my plus one) and we’re doing a yoga class and having a few cocktails to celebrate.


Luxury Wooden Watch

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