Welcome JFERMIMI to the blogging world

October 6, 2016


You guys – I’m officially blogging.

Years ago (think pre-college) I thought I was being creepy and just stalking other normal people’s blogs, reading their thoughts, adventures, and so on and all of a sudden, BLOGGING BLEW UP. Not so weird anymore.

So I’ve contemplated blogging. What would I write? What would my brand be? Who would care? Why I do I care what people care?

I’ve had online diaries (flashbacks to my middle school Xanga) and picked things up back up in college with my study abroad blog in Francec (mostly drunk stories).

Then I had an epiphany last week.

What am I waiting for?

I have so much shit brewing in my mind, 24/7, {life advice, rants, recipes, restaurant reviews} and it’s time I actually put it to use.

So after YEARS of contemplating, I finally am doing it.

JFERMimi is my new baby – a creative outlet to share my personal style, lifestyle tricks, workout shortcuts, stories, and more.

This is all new to me – blogging, photo shoots, content creation. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the JFERMIMI, the evolution of it, it’s content, readers, and more. Thank you for joining this ride with me.

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