New Year, Who Dis?

January 3, 2017
New Years Resoultions

2016 was a great year for me but you guys, I can’t stress enough how EXCITED I am for 2017. Think career, health, fashion and PARIS. So many #goals.

With that being said, new years resolutions are notorious for lasting just as a long as Kim K’s marriage to Kris Humphries (or maybe even Kanye’s if you believe the recent rumors). Everyone has great intentions and then those goals get lost in the chaos that is life.

So how the hell do people do it? Does anyone actually meet their goals? After doing some research (reference this, this, and this *printable handouts included), here are some tips I’m going to use to stay on track.

The key is to keep it short.   There are a MILLION ways we can all be the best damn versions of ourselves but focus is key. If you have too many goals, how do you expect to keep up with all the progress (or lack of) while still remembering to pay your rent? Stick to 3-5 and REALLY STICK, DAMNIT.

For me, accountability is the best motivation to stay on the right path. There’s nothing more relieving than someone telling you you’ve done a great job, but also weirdly calling you out on your shit. It allows you to check in – almost like a mini-new year, and refocus *reference paragraph above. So if you’re reading this, know that this post on January 3, 2017 (because I was recovering from the 1st) is me publicly sharing my goals with you as a means of accountability for me, and pure entertainment for you.

Can we all relate to really wanting to lose 10 lbs? Mean Girls reference. BUT REALLY. Not only is it the HARDEST resolution to keep up with, it’s short lived because as soon as a few of those lbs fall off, your bad habits creep back in and before you know it, it’s January 1 20XX. CAN YA FEEL ME THERE?

This year, I want to look at my body differently.

I want to move away from the number on the scale and genuinely feel happy about my body.

I’ll be experimenting here, with different fitness classes (lol like barre/pilates/spin/row), using cauliflower in imaginable ways, and finding a way to enjoy a beer without worrying about being bloated. To be honest, this is something I’ve struggled with for a while and has caused me to binge eat, try fad diets, and lose sleep. Here’s to feeling confident in my clothes, living healthy, getting more sleep, eating better (not perfect, not paleo, not Atkins or that shit), and cutting back on pizza after 10 pm.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever texted me and I didn’t respond but I posted something on Instagram shortly after. SORRY. I am so guilty of being glued to my phone (ask my boyfriend) and I have to admit it’s gotten a lot harder for me to put it down. Like I have  the iPhone7 Plus and I get DENTS in my fingers from holding it up for so long.

I’m realizing it’s so easy to get trapped in the virtual world. Yes – it’s an absolutely wonderful place to meet other creatives and find a good sale. It is also the source of jealously, envy, and food cravings (I’m looking at you, Tasty). When I was thinking about this resolution, my brother’s best friend’s girlfriend deleted her Instagram because she felt like she was getting lost in her social media identity. Read more about that here.

I want to use social media and the web for all of the fun, positive things but I also need to remember to be more present. That might mean no phones in the bedroom or turning on airplane mode on Sundays. The key here is balance.


You guys – when I launched this in December I literally only expected my 4 college friends and maybe my dad to read this (HEY!). But I’ve received such an overwhelming response of support and feedback – those who have tried some of my recommendations or just taken the time to let me know they read it. That means EVERYTHING to me.

My goal here isn’t to grow the number of followers I have on Instagram or even the number of cute pics I have on my phone. I want to GROW JFERMimi in a way that I’m connecting with some of you basic betches out there and that my two cents inspires you to try new things and stop doing shit you hate.

I want to post consistently – once a week – on topics that aren’t just about what I’m wearing, but things I’m doing, places I’m going, people that are inspiring me, lessons I’ve learned from fucking something up, and more.

I’m seeing more collaborations in 2017 – with photographers, other bloggers, small businesses, and other millennials.

More importantly, my goal is to have JFERMimi be an unfiltered, authentic voice of me – a twenty-something figuring out my shit day by day. 

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So there’s that. What do you think? Feel free to comment here, my Insta, Snapchat, or text if there are certain things you’d like to see on the blog. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be one of the best years yet (even though I’ll be crossing over to being in my mid-20’s….).

Peace & Blessings,

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  • Jonah Ven

    Disconnecting is something I want to do more of this year as well! It’s tough when social media is a part of blog growth and such. Balance balance. I’m in it with ya!

    January 4, 2017 at 10:36 am Reply
  • Emelia

    I love your body image reset goal, less of a number and more about feeling confident with your body. I might have to steal that one.

    January 4, 2017 at 12:18 pm Reply
  • duemidwest

    Definitely agree on all your “resolutions”! I think focusing on a number on the scale can be a big problem and I know I spend too much time on my phone! If you ever want to do a photoshoot sometime, let me know! xo, Erin

    January 5, 2017 at 3:32 pm Reply
  • Curtis Lizard

    I think your best resolution would be to stop being such a major league lazzie!

    January 6, 2017 at 5:37 am Reply
  • laynabayna

    I love this — disconnecting as always in the back of my mind, but my inherent addiction and desire to grow my blog always get in the way! Happy 20171

    January 9, 2017 at 10:44 am Reply
  • Jess

    Loved this post so much, you make some really great points! Disconnecting is so important, I need to remember to do so!

    January 9, 2017 at 10:59 am Reply
  • Nathalie

    Awesome post! We ALL need to follow your advice!

    January 9, 2017 at 1:13 pm Reply
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