Outerwear that doesn’t suck

December 28, 2016

{plaid coat (on sale), satin body suit (on sale), boyfriend jeans, sunglasses}

Oh hey.

So that weather, eh? No, but really. How was it below 25 degrees a week ago and today it’s pushing 30?

Minnesota winters are almost impossible to dress for. One day you might look like a marshmallow, wearing a down coat attempting to start your car and keep your fingers at the same time and the next day you’re brunching in a jean jacket and window shopping down Grand Ave.

I remember my first winter here in Minny. My family had just moved from Texas and it was the first snow storm. We did not have coats. At least none that would suffice for the 6 inches of snow we got in one night. My mom scrambled to JCPenney (lol) to get us coats so we could survive the rest of the long winter. My first winter coat – a Magenta Columbia. Just a giant raspberry michelin man walking down the street at the ripe age of 11.

It’s really hard to be cute in the winter. Sometimes outerwear can make you look like a walking trash bag. Other times, you put on a cute coat and end up freezing your ass off. WELL LISTEN UP BASICS: You can have your cake and eat it too. Or in other words, you can dress for the weather and look like a hot betch too.

The key to winter is LAYERS and that also applies to the categories of winter coats/parkas/vets/jackets WHATEVER. The categories I purchase coats are cold (>30 degrees), colder (30-10 degrees), and FML days (fucking negative cold).


(Do not notice my dry hands… ’tis the season..)


With the holidays wrapping up, now is the best time to get outerwear for sale. Generally everything is on sale other than Spring clothes. Ch-ch-check it out.


1. Plaid Wool Jacket  $180 $99.99  2. Double Breasted Peacoat $58.00 $37.90 3. Brewer Faux Fur Vest (NEW) $105


1. Wool Blend Wrap Coat $360 $209.90 2. Coat with Wrap-Around Collar $129 $89.99 3. Peak Parka $298 $199.99


1. CONQUEST™ CARLY PARKA $950 2. Hooded Down Jacket $279 $186.93 3. Women’s Stormdrift 3-In-1 Parka $479 $239

**DISCLAIMER: If you live in a city where it literally gets colder than Antartica OR the wind chill is enough for your tits to cut ice, YOU WILL NEED TO CHALK UP THE $$$ FOR A WARM, DOWN COAT. Sorry not sorry, but quality will overrule price in this category. However, you can get some nice down jackets as low as $250 and up to, well, $$$$$$$$$$$.

Just a few of the many outerwear pieces currently on sale – be sure to shop online exclusives and the Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale for more.

I don’t know about you but every year I ALWAYS take time off between the 25th and the new year. I know some of you don’t necessarily have the luxury of taking all those days off, but my parents have always taken this week off ever since I was a kid and it’s something as a family, we have planned into our PTO schedule. It’s the best time of year for us to reeeeally enjoy family time.

Of course, there’s also the whole week to recover from the Christmas food coma and the NYE hangover.

I’ll be heading to Duluth for a change of pace this NYE and back to chat about the dreaded, sometimes short-lived NYE resolutions. Losing weight will ALWAYS be one that carries over year after year.

Until then,



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