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November 1, 2016


I didn’t know if my obsession with drinking tea came with getting older (24 lol) and being lame or because it was the best thing to snuggle with in the winter in my single days. Whatever it was, I was hooked and found myself drinking a box of tea in a week. No lie.

So here’s the deal: Tea is proven to de-stress, de-bloat, and detox. 

Personally, I like the somewhat spicy ZING taste but these extra benefits make this tea so easy to drink daily. So it’s not me getting older, but it’s actually me being obsessed with the way it makes me feel.


The benefits explained:

  1. Detox teas : Most contain Dandelion Root, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Clove. Dandelion Root helps your liver remove waste from the body, reduce water weight, and helps with your bone health. Cinnamon has antioxidants and can help cut any food cravings you have. Can you start to get why it’s called DETOX tea?! I drink 3 bags of Yogi Detox Tea a day. Add a lemon for shits and gigs and because its delicious.
  2. Ginger tea: Ginger in general is the tits, but did you know it can help you digest your sushi slower to be fuller long? Ginger is also know to help with upset stomachs, muscle soreness, and even help lighten your flow during your time of the month. Fucking magic. I like Trader Joe’s Tumeric Ginger Tea and Yogi Ginger tea.
  3. Smooth Move Tea: Hey – let’s have a real moment. There are times where I’ve eaten crap that won’t let me crap. And then I feel like crap. As I was browsing the tea aisle at Whole Foods, I noticed a box called Smooth Move. BINGO. I started drinking the Smooth Move tea to help my bowels out, specifically Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea with Chamomile. These teas have something called Senna, which help you deliver a poop in no time. Fair warning – drink the tea before bed so you can sleep through the night and then have a nice morning trip to the bathroom to start your day. TYI  but now you know 🙂

So I drink a Detox tea every morning and a Ginger tea after every meal. Promise me you’ll try it and let me know how much better, lighter, and basic you feel after 🙂



Tea’s also great for pleasing your sweet or tooth without the extra added calories. Did you know they have red velvet, strawberry champagne, and even orange creamsicle flavors? Shoutout to my favorite tea bar, Sencha. Try mixing an ice tea with sparking water for something refreshing.

Here are some of the fun teas I drink to cut the cravings:

My obsession with tea is real and if you are interested in learning more or sharing your obsession, let’s grab a cup soon 🙂

Until next time.

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