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March 2, 2017

Round two – here we go!

If you’re tuning in, you can read part one of my weekend getaway here. We literally crammed in so much stuff, I didn’t want to bore you with a long post but give you the full dets since I was obsessed with ALL of the places we went to!


slightly hungover from Cheesies, but seize the day

Brunch @ Big Jones – After peeling myself of my friend’s couch, I got it together to go to brunch. After all, a little grease and a hair of the dog is the magic trick to hangovers, right? Big Jones is a cute creole restaurant and their brunch was packed. This is a great place if you want brunch with a twist, like crawfish, andouille, cheesy grits, and popovers.

Shopping in Andersonville – Ok, this isn’t technically a place but a neighborhood on the north side (where we had brunch). The main street has a ton of cute antique shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. If you want to do some local shopping, this is a cute area.

La Colombe for a Mocha – Had to get my caffeine fix. They have locations all over and sell their draft lattes in a can at Target BUT the coffee shop itself was bright, clean, and just filled with good vibes.

Trader Todd’s – Honestly, this is the only bar that stuck out to me after our mid-day bar crawl in Lincoln Park ( because it was themed. It’s tiki themed, they have karaoke, and a giant boat that is turned into a bar in the back. Get their fresh squeezed oj and vodka but pass on the pina colada. They have some crazy concoctions that will either get you pretty drunk or gut rut.

Dinner at Farm Bar – A. This place is soooooo cute (ugh, I need a new adjective, but really). It’s a small, quaint space in a white farm-like building. They are a sustainable farm-to-table restaurant. ORDER THE KALE SALAD. The salad has bacon and buttermilk dressing so it’s not your average kale salad, ok. I got the Havest burger, which has jam and goat cheese so yeah, it was pretty damn good.

left coast chicago


le fin of our getaway

Quick brunch at Left Coast – This is a healthy grab-and-sit/go kind of place. The decor was on point so I immediately fell in love. Healthy food here – acai bowls, smoothies, salads, and wraps, avocado toast. Like an Agra Culture in Minny.

Drinks and pretend shopping at Restoration Hardware – LOVE THIS PLACE.  There’s a sit-down cafe in the building, as well as a grab and go counter. Since we just ate, I ordered a Bellini and Bill got a beer and we explored all 3 floors of this wonderful, beautiful place. This is where all of your interior design dreams come alive and then reality sets in as soon as you check the price tag and realize you are a peasant. They have couches and cute areas you can sit and chat too.

Sunday Funday at Kirkwood – One of the few places that opened their patios for the 60-degree weather in February, this place was LIT (lol). There were beer-filled boots and a GIANT MULE. If we weren’t getting on a 6 am flight the next day, we definitely would have attempted to finish one but we just bro-watched with a few beers before dinner. P.S if you go here, try the nachos and let me know if they are as good as they look.

DMK fries

DMK Burgers from Diners, Drives, and DivesBest damn grass-fed burgers, shakes, and fries that ever hit your lips. Their words, not mine but I back that statement. I remember watching Guy Fieri go here so naturally, I agreed to have our last meal of the trip here. The episode featured the Bison burger with fresh goat cheese and blueberry BBQ Sauce so I ordered that and it was pretty damn good. What really wowed me were the parmesan fries with truffle aioli, making me reconsider my loyalty to runny ranch.

So that was our trip!! Yes – all we did was eat and drink but it was 60-degrees in February so can you blame us?! Thank you to our friends that let us sleep on their couches, which helped fund the multiple coffee runs and drinks we had. Now that we’re back, I’m already itching to go somewhere else. Maybe Steamboat this summer? Recommendations?!

P.S – I just added this neat feature to my blog. Click on the Ask Mimi icon to your right (in the sidebar). I’d rather not bore you to death on my life but if there’s something your interested in or want to know, feel free to submit that form!

Tomorrow, I’m getting my eyeballs sliced for a Lasik enhancement. Should I blog about that?

Until I think of my next post,

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